Why Use an API Laser Tracker?

Radian laser tracker training offered by API ServicesChoosing an API laser tracker can make you more efficient than your competition by helping you work smarter, faster and more accurately. It’s made to help you overcome real world challenges that you come across in your day-to-day environment when you need precise measurements of three-dimensional objects. Whether those challenges involve aircraft alignment, machine installation, robot calibration or more an API laser tracker can cover a wide range of measurements very quickly.

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The Radian laser tracker is a portable 3D measurement system that has a large working volume and the highest precision and accuracy of any API laser tracker. Not only does it have the lowest cost of ownership it is also the smallest IFM/ADM laser tracker on the market. We offer extensive training on all our metrology equipment and analysis software to keep you up to date on the best processes to help you in the field.

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Spend some time talking with us about your measurement needs and we will recommend the system that is right for you. Choosing to use API Services to perform your contract measurement services will get you access to the best service technicians in the business as well as access to the full arsenal of award winning products from Automated Precision Inc including API laser trackers, 3D scanners that can create accurate point cloud data and machine tool calibration equipment. Your timeline is often critical to your success and using an API laser tracker can help keep your project on track while maintaining your high levels of manufacturing performance and production capability.

Using an API Laser Tracker to Calibrate an ABB Robot

Streamline your workflow in a cost effective way by using API Services to capture the critical data that you need to help you stay at your most productive. Call us at 1-877-687-9544 today with any questions you might have and let us help you save time and money on all your projects.

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