API Tracker3 Laser Tracker

API Tracker 3 laser tracker

The API Tracker3 laser tracker (T3) is a measurement device used where ultra-precise measurements are critical. Whether using it for calibration, assembly, inspection, or alignment, manufacturers and engineers rely on the Tracker3 laser tracker every day.

With a solid construction and compact build, this API laser tracker continues to be the smallest, most accurate, and most comprehensive IFM/ADM laser tracker available.

Superior Accuracy Meets Robust Durability  
The API Tracker3 laser tracker features exclusive on-the-shaft mounting of the laser head, a design feature that eliminates the need for bending mirrors, minimizes thermally-induced errors, and increases accuracy and stability. The rugged aluminum design is completely sealed off from dust and other debris and has been tested in some of the world’s toughest environments.

API Services uses the Tracker3 Laser Tracker by API

Do More.
Simply put, the Tracker3 API laser tracker can do more than any other laser tracker.
•    Mount sideways, upside down, or directly on your part
•    Smallest IFM/ADM laser tracker
•    Easy one-person operation
•    Perform continuous-point measuring
•    Super fast single-point measuring
•    Highest precision and accuracy
•    Largest working volume
•    Lowest cost of ownership

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Tracker3 (T3) Laser Tracker Information Downloads:

Tracker3 Laser Tracker Brochure

Tracker3 Laser Tracker Product Brochure

Tracker3 Laser Tracker Product Specifications

T3 Laser Tracker Product Specifications

API Tracker3 Laser Tracker Accessories

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