Spindle Analyzer by Automated Precision Inc (API)

Spindle Analyzer by APIIncrease Manufacturing Efficiency 
The Spindle Analyzer from Automated Precision Inc. (API) is an instrument used in the diagnostics and maintenance of machine tools with a spindle axis. Available as a Dynamic Analyzer, a Thermal Analyzer, or as a combination instrument, API has a system to fit every application.

Your System, Your Choice 
If you need a system for quickly measuring rotational errors, APIs Dynamic Spindle Analyzer is the perfect instrument to obtain that data. If you need a system for quickly measuring and controlling short- and long-term thermal growth in 5 degrees of freedom (X,Y,Z axis plus pitch and yaw), APIs Thermal Spindle Analyzer is the best fix. Those who require both systems will find APIs combination unit to be the perfect solution.

API Spindle Analyzer system

Applications for Spindle Analyzer

  • Check Bearings
  • Rotational Errors
  • Axial Errors
  • Machine Repeatability
  • Thermal Drift
  • Thermal Error Mapping

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