Omnitrac 2 Wireless Laser Tracker from API

Omnitrac 2 Laser Tracker from APIWireless. Controller-less. Effortless.

API leaps ahead in laser tracker innovation with the Omnitrac 2. The Omnitrac 2 laser tracker has no external controller, setting it apart from all other laser trackers on the market. It is smaller, lighter and easier to use than all other systems of its kind and in its price segment. This means a wireless, controller-less, effortless laser tracker experience.

Reliable in harsh environments

The Omnitrac 2 is the ideal measuring instrument for a wide variety of applications in industry, whether the work is indoors or outdoors. Its compact size and wireless design make it possible to measure in confined environments where other systems cannot go.

The Omnitrac 2 is the only wireless laser tracker capable of dynamic measurements. It can measure up to 10 times faster than competing systems. Its rugged design and solid construction are a perfect fit for tough working conditions in any industry. The Omnitrac 2’s built-in battery allows up to 6 hours of continuous operation and there is an optional AC/DC connection as well.

Within a few minutes of starting up, the Omnitrac 2 reaches about 90 percent of its accuracy. The Omnitrac 2 controller-less laser tracker measures up to 100 meters, in a temperature range of -4° to 104° (F) and weighs only 10 kilograms.

Everything built in. And more compact than ever.

Everything needed to measure with the Omnitrac 2 is already built into the unit, including the controller, weather station, tilt sensor and battery. The Omnitrac 2 transmits data via WiFi.

The Omnitrac 2 uses ADM (Absolute Distance Measurement) technology to operate. It can be mounted and used in any position: overhead, perpendicular to a wall or inclined in space, beneath or inside a part.

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Included Features

Omnitrac 2 advances the portability and convenience of laser trackers. Omnitrac2 includes:

  • Completely wireless laser tracker operation (Integrated controller, weather station, tilt sensor, battery, WiFi)
  • Battery operation (3-6 hours) with internal, rechargeable cells (non-removable by user)
  • High accuracy ADM able to do dynamic measurement
  • Autolock (Camera Assisted Automated Target Acquisition)
  • Onboard level sensor
  • Highly portable (only 10.8 Kg with a single transport case)
  • Mounting versatility: mount sideways, upside down, underneath, or directly on your part
  • Compatible with the current API quick-link Instrument Stands and accessories

Go places with the Omnitrac 2 Laser Tracker that you couldn’t before!

Omnitrac 2 Laser Tracker Information Downloads:

Omnitrac 2 Laser Tracker Brochure

Omnitrac 2 Wireless Laser Tracker Brochure

Omnitrac 2 Laser Tracker by API Specification Sheet

Omnitrac 2 Laser Tracker by API Specification Sheet