Turbine Alignment

Gas, Steam, Hydro, & Wind Turbine Alignment and Inspection

API Services offers gas, steam, hydro, nuclear and wind turbine alignment, technology leadership and alignment consulting services on a global scale, as well as a wide range of services to utilities, independent power producers and private sector enterprises. As a leading provider of precision measurement services for power generation companies and turbo-machinery, API Services has the professional experience to efficiently adapt to the challenges that are unique to your operation. In the shop or in the field, our goal is to minimize the overall downtime of the outage or rebuild project through the integration of laser tracker technology. Our ability to utilize the capabilities of the laser tracker combined with our experience in turbine alignment applications is what differentiates this inspection process and company from its predecessors and competitors.

Turbine Alignment by API Services

On both planned and emergency call outs, API Services has the professional network in place to respond to your immediate needs. Our project managers and measurement technicians operate with support from centralized engineering and technical resources to meet your operational requirements. We deliver value-added metrology solutions intended to improve the performance and reliability of the overall inspection and turbine alignment process. Our measurement professionals have extensive experience in the alignment and inspection of both small, aero-derivative and heavy industrial gas turbines, steam, hydro, nuclear and wind turbines and components, reciprocating machinery, boiler feed pumps, gearboxes, motors and compressors.

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Gas Turbine Alignment

  • Bore Alignment Inspection
    • Tops-On 2 bearing multiple station inspection
      • GE Frame 5
    • Tops-On 3 bearing multiple station inspection
      • GE Frame 7

Steam Turbine Alignment

  • Bore Alignment Inspection (Steam Path)
  • Tops-Off multiple station inspection
    • LP Inspections
    • HP Inspections
    • IP Inspections
      • Bearings
      • Couplings
      • Main Oil Pump
      • Oil Bores
      • Gland Bore
      • Dummy Rings
      • Nozzle Chamber
      • Blade Rings / Diaphragm
  • Coupling Alignment
    • Eliminate Rim and Face checks with dial indicators
    • Not necessary to rotate shaft
  • Thermal Growth Inspection
    • Squat Check / Load Check
  • Individual Component Inspection / Location & Re-Locations
    • Generator
    • Boiler Feed Pumps
    • Stator
    • Exciter

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Hydro Turbine Alignment

  • Vertical Hydro Inspection
  • Bore Inspection
  • Stator Inspection
  • Outer Head Cover
  • Discharge/Bottom/Stay/Slip Ring Inspections
  • Elevation
  • Core Axis
  • Circularity / Concentricity / Ovality

Wind Turbine Alignment

  • Generator & Gearbox Shaft Alignment
  • Co-linear Inspections
  • Mounting Frame Inspections
  • Pre-Commissioning Alignment Checks
  • Annual/Semi-Annual Alignment Inspections