Measurement Services

API Services personnel have over 50 combined years of experience providing contract measurement services and dimensional inspection services including consulting, calibration, machine tool error mapping, training, contract measurement, 3D CAD modeling and reverse engineering. Our measurement services specialists are experts on the latest three-dimensional measurement systems such as laser trackers, digital photogrammetry, scanning systems and industrial total stations.

Our team of contract measurement specialists and project managers has a diverse and lengthy background in the use of three-dimensional measurement systems in industries like aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, nuclear and communications.

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API Services is equipped with a wide array of complementary measurement systems and software that ensures we have the right solution to meet your measurement services needs. We currently feature laser trackers, portable coordinate measuring machines (PCMMs), photogrammetry systems, and laser scanners. In addition, we have specialized alignment equipment for maintaining, aligning and compensating multi-axis CNC machine tools.

Our experienced personnel provides world class contract measurement services and all started their successful careers in the machine tool, ship construction and aerospace industries. Our team are experts in specialized software like Spatial Analyzer, Verisurf, PolyWorks, Build!IT, Rapidform and others. API Services is constantly reviewing the state-of-the-art in measurement equipment and software to add to our current pool of systems and to expand our capabilities. API Services has also developed strategic partnerships with many other measurement specialists around the industry to gain access and expertise into developing technologies.

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