Volumetric Machine Tool Calibration

Volumetric Error Compensation (VEC) Presentation at IMTS 2012 from API Services on Vimeo.

Volumetric Machine Tool Calibration by API Services using the Active Target by APIAPI Volumetric Error Compensation – VEC

  • Volumetric Error Calibration for machine tools, a service offered exclusively from Automated Precision, Inc. This revolutionary technology allows significant improvement to the volumetric accuracy and process capability of a three, four, five, or six axis machine.
  • Improve your machine volumetric accuracy by a factor of 3 – 4

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Siemens Volumetric Compensation System – VCS

  • API Services is a Solutions Partner for Siemens providing the Volumetric Compensation System – VCS system to owners/operators of 3 – 5 Axis Machine Tools utilizing the Siemens 840D Control.
  • Fanuc Volumetric :API services offer complete volumetric compensation for Fanuc Controls.
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Machine Tool Calibration, Installation, and Alignment