Machine Tool Calibration and Repair

Machine Tool CalibrationAPI Services offers machine tool calibration and repair for all size machine shops. We understand that the manufacturing industry has the challenge of estimating materials and processes to provide their customers with parts or assemblies they will use directly or as part of their product. We help ensure that the process occurs as estimated by helping you make sure your machines will perform correctly and efficiently.

Read more about how Konecranes uses API’s advanced laser metrology equipment to propel their business.

API Services can use our machine tool calibration process to analyze the performance of CNC and other machinery with our laser calibration, Swivelcheck, ball bar and spindle analyzer equipment and skilled personnel. The proper alignment of a machine and a machine’s ability to execute its functions correctly will directly impact the quality of your product and the efficiency of the operation.

I feel one of the things that sets API Services apart, is their dedication to machine tools. I have used other measurement services in the past and although competent in their measurement abilities they were not competent in measuring a machine tool.  I look forward to working with API Services again in the near future,  job well done

– Marty Sutten of CMS North America

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Reasons to Error Map and Calibrate Your Machine

• Reduce scrap, improve machine accuracy and keep your machine tool in specification

• With a calibration from API Services, the machine will meet the intent of ASME B5.54

• Reduce hours to mechanically align a machine.  After an alignment or crash, the machine should always be calibrated

• Required if you plan to measure a product on a machine

• End customer requirement

• Market calibrated machines to customers

• Make full use of your Control’s capabilities.  Often, we find many machines with empty compensation tables.  Machine owners should utilize their Controller’s capabilities to increase machine accuracy and prevent unnecessary wear

• Regular calibrations will help to recognize abnormal wear and tear so problems can be addressed and managed

• Calibrate the kinematic parameters of the Tool Center Point (TCP) to enhance your machine

• Accurate machines save money

• Calibrations allow usage of the entire working volume of the machine, not just a “sweet spot” that you know is accurate within the volume

• Increased capability, accurate machines allow you to take on more precise work that you may not have been able to handle before a calibration

API Services has been helping our very diverse range of customers be able to have confidence in the performance of their equipment. The customers include but are not limited to these industries: aerospace, conveyor users, CNC machining operations, roof shingle manufacturer, shipbuilding and more. To address customer’s needs to resolve breakdowns, improve machine performance or maintain machine performance, API Services works with customer’s maintenance crews, customers machine repair contractor(s) and can provide machine tool repair services with API personnel. API Services would welcome the opportunity to ensure your company’s correct machine tool performance for increased profits.

Laser Alignment

Machine Tool Laser Alignment

Laser Alignment

CNC Calibration and Certification

CNC Certification and Calibration

CNC Certification and Calibration

Volumetric Machine Tool Calibration

Volumetric Machine Tool Calibration

Volumetric Machine Tool Calibration

Machine Tool Informational Downloads:

Machine Tool Services Brochure

Machine Tool Services Brochure

Machine Tool Calibration Brochure

Machine Tool Calibration Brochure

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