Metrology Services

Metrology Services offered by API Services - Laser Tracker calibration and certificationLaser Tracker Calibration

API Services has an expert team of technicians that provide metrology services including calibration services ranging from laser tracker calibration, certification to automated measurement plans. As a leader in the metrology industry our staff is versed on all brands of laser trackers and will determine your business needs with the utmost professionalism and efficient approach.


Machine Tool Calibration and Repair

The manufacturing industry has the challenge of estimating materials and processes to provide their customers with parts or assemblies they will use directly or as part of their product. Ensuring that the process occurs as estimated assumes the labor and machines will perform correctly and efficiently. API Services offers metrology services that can analyze the performance of CNC and other machinery with their laser calibration, Swivelcheck, ball bar and spindle analyzer equipment and skilled personnel. The proper alignment of a machine and a machine’s ability to execute its functions correctly will directly impact the quality of the product and the efficiency of the operation.

Machine Tool Calibration with XD Laser

API Services has been helping their very diverse range of customers be able to have confidence in the performance of their equipment using their metrology services. The customers include but are not limited to these industries: aerospace, conveyor users, CNC machining operations, roof shingle manufacturer, shipbuilding and more. To address customer’s needs to resolve breakdowns, improve machine performance or maintain machine performance, API Services works with customer’s maintenance crews, customers machine repair contractor(s) and can provide machine repair service with API personnel. API Services would welcome the opportunity to ensure your company’s correct machine performance for increased profits.

Contract Measurement

Contract Measurement Services by API Services

API Services personnel have over 50 combined years of experience providing dimensional inspection and metrology services including consulting, calibration, machine tool error mapping, training, contract measurement, 3D CAD modeling and reverse engineering. Our measurement specialists are experts on the latest three-dimensional measurement systems such as laser trackers, digital photogrammetry, scanning systems and industrial total stations. Our experienced personnel all started their successful careers in the machine tool, ship construction and aerospace industries.


Metrology training offered by API ServicesAPI Services has a staff compromised of application engineers and calibrations technicians that are knowledgeable and experienced with the metrology services industry and its equipment.  We specialize in three-dimensional measurement systems and data analysis to provide training solutions that are centered your business needs. Training sessions are available at our Newport News service location or at your business facility.

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