Lessons Learned: Untrained Operators Break Laser Trackers

An untrained laser tracker operator can cost your company a lot of time and money. That’s why API Services offers metrology equipment, machine tool alignment, and laser tracker training by a staff comprised of application engineers and calibrations technicians that are knowledgeable and experienced with the metrology industry and its equipment. We ensure your team is following laser tracker/MTC best practices, while reducing critical path, downtime, rework, and material expenses.

Metrology and laser tracker training offered by API Services

Metrology and laser tracker training offered by API Services

Reduce Downtime While Optimizing Outages

Laser tracker Training

API Services can develop incremental training programs designed to enable apprentice program participants or employees to perform every aspect of laser tracker operation or machine tool alignment. Classes range from 3, 5, or 10 day increments.

By investing in training for you and your employees, you will increase efficiency, while reducing man-hours, reduce on the job training and supervisor oversight, learn the importance of data traceability, and increase the skill of your craftsman.

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