API Services precision measurement services during construction or plant modifications

API Services provides precision measurement services for manufacturers of your primary components and for large bore valve and piping replacements for all plant related equipment during construction or plant modifications:

  •  Pipe Soft-templating
    • Pipes can be manufactured to accurately fit an as-built design condition. The soft-templating process replaces the hard-template process typically associated with building large pipe assemblies. Savings come from a sharp reduction of the time required to construct templates or go through a manual fitting process. Weldment layout and machine alignment large weldments or castings can be measured, analyzed and best fit in a computer model to their optimum design location. Machining reference lines are then installed on the weldment or casting to aid machining operations. This operation will save expensive layout work with optics and setup on layout stations in a machine shop. In addition, using three-dimensional measurement systems makes this a much safer operation when working with awkward shaped casting or weldments like struts since they don’t have to be leveled.
  • Virtual Machinery Alignment
    • This application is one of the most schedule-enhancing applications available to a shipbuilder. The notion is to accurately measure and model various machinery components and distributive systems and their future locations shipboard. This capability allows the shipbuilder to manufacture early or in parallel with other activities. Typical benefits include: pre-machine liners and shims, pre-drill bolt holes, pre-manufacture piping, and prediction of alignment problems.