Energy: Nuclear, Process & Power Generation

API Services Specializes in providing services in the energy sector

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API Services is a leading edge provider of metrology services, delivering unmatched precision measurement services and scanning to the nuclear energy industry:

  • Providing laser scanning and 3D modeling services of all internal or external areas of the site for the purposes of:
    • Force on Force Virtual Security Training
    • Safety Planning
    • Piping design integration with as-built laser scanned data to ensure accurate design fit-up.
    • Virtual navigation of ALL relevant areas (Containment, Turbine, Aux, SOCA) that allow for better outage planning
    • Accurate 2D GA’s delivered based upon as-built laser scan data
    • Verify design installation and connectivity parameters for new piping systems and equipment to be installed
      • Providing precision measurement services for manufacturers of primary and secondary side components
      • Providing precision measurements services for large bore valve and piping replacements for containment, turbine building and auxiliary buildings on:
    • Primary Service Water
    • Feed Water Heater
    • FAC Piping
    • Steam Piping and Valve Replacement
    • Turbine alignments
    • Polar crane and turbine building crane rotation and alignment
      • Providing design verification and alignment fit-up services for:
    • Main Step Up Transformers
    • Hydro Plant Transformers

API Services is fully versed in all sectors of the Energy/Power Industry. Whether your company is looking for Wind, Turbine, Hydro, Nuclear and/or Petrochemical, API Services has the staff with the knowledge and experience for your specific needs. Our staff is fully trained on safety procedures and takes proper testing prior to service work on the customers’ site.

Our staff plans ahead of time for outages and is able to provide solutions in an efficient manner saving your company downtime and the ability to produce the energy and power needed to sustain the plant’s livability.

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