Ballbar by Automated Precision Inc.

Ballbar by APIIncrease Manufacturing Efficiency 
The telescoping Ballbar from Automated Precision Inc. (API) quickly and easily checks contouring accuracy by testing how machine axes move in a circular path. API’s Ballbar measures the deviation made by the machine tool and displays the data in a polar plot format.

Where Ease Meets Precision
Straightforward operation and automatic error identification combine with our unique parallel spring suspension that provides extremely accurate and frictionless measurement. For large machine tools, the Ballbar offers extensions up to 1.5 meters in radius. This system is the perfect solution for machine tool quality maintenance.

Error Parameters Measured with the API Ballbar:

  • Backlash
  • Squareness
  • Stick-slip
  • Servo lag
  • Straightness
  • Scale mismatch
  • Machine and servo vibration

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