Axxis Arm by Automated Precision Inc

Axxis arm by Automated Precision Inc (API)Increase Manufacturing Efficiency
The Axxis arm makes even the most complex inspection tasks easy. Designed as a portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM), Axxis can collect data points and scan surfaces with ease.

Bring the CMM to the Part
Traditional fixed CMMs are heavy and require highly-trained operators. Axxis arms are light enough to move wherever needed, and a new operator can be trained in a matter of hours. The adjustable internal counter balance and light-weight carbon fiber design makes Axxis comfortable to use for any operator.

The Axxis arm by API is lightweightEasy to Setup and Operate
The Axxis connects to any PC using a USB cable or wireless adapter. Data points and software commands are controlled using 3 simple buttons or optional foot pedals. With no control box to worry about, the instrument is ready as soon as you turn it on.

Common Axxis Applications
• Reverse engineering and digitizing
• Quality control
• Inspection
• Compare to CAD
• Gap and flush measurement
• Rapid prototyping
• Off-line CNC machine tools and robotics

API Axxis Arm Informational Downloads:

Axxis Arm Informational Brochure

Axxis Arm Brochure

Axxis Arm Specifications Sheet

Axxis Arm Specifications Sheet.

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